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  • Natural material finishes by Rockcote

    13 July at 11:52 from atlas

    Keystoneplastering can now supply and apply the full range of Rockcote Natural finishes, like Venetian Plaster, Marrakesh ( Morrocan Tadelak), Velvetina, Otsumigaki ( Japanese Lime & clay based plaster), Clay decor & Earthen renders.
    The Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE range draws inspiration from nature to provide beautiful natural interior and exterior finishes that don't compromise your health or the environment.

    From the glass-like polish of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster through to the on-trend textured look of ROCKCOTE Earthen Render, our Natural Materials are versatile and help bring a distinctive personality to each project.

    Drawing on the traditions of the original master artisans of Europe and the Orient who applied natural wall plasters by hand, ROCKCOTE's natural decorative finishes are applied by passionate modern artisans. The finishes are suitable for a range of project types including homes, offices, bars, hotels and restaurants.

    These breathable plasters and paints can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including modern plasterboard and concrete as well as traditional or eco-build materials like straw bale and hempcrete, with stunning results. Most products are based on natural lime or clay or a combination of both and specially formulated for exceptional performance on modern buildings.

    All products in the range are completely natural, free of dangerous chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produce no residual odour or offgassing. They have low embodied energy (energy necessary for the entire product lifecycle) and are fully recyclable which means they can be returned to the earth after use. 


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